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Lugerville School

Does anyone have an old photo of the Lugerville or Popple Hill school from the 1920s or 1930s? or 40s.
Please send to Toni Stevenson


Lena Laux - the first Teacher, 1907

Annie Norum Fox - Primary Teacher, 1914

Ben Carlson - Teacher and Principal

Bob Olsen - Principal

Mary Mae Miller - Teacher, per 1930 Census

Edwina Orth - Teacher, per 1930 Census

Alma Jakoubek - Teacher early 1920s

Margaret Behnke - Teacher late 1920s

Marie Frazier - 1926

Emma Dallman - 4th and 5th Grades

Beatrice L. Kenyon - Teacher, per 1930 Census

Vernise Bebaka - Teacher, per 1930 Census; Boarder in the Bowman home


School Photos:


1930 ~ Miss Margaret Behnke, age 21, Teacher, on the left, Mrs. John (Mayme) Parker, right
Miss Behnke was a boarder in the Parker home.

1928 Class Photo
1st Row: Ruth Reinert, Helen Resar, Catherine Olson, Helen Krivinchuk, Anita Hunley, Robert Smith, Ervin Nelson
2nd Row: Luella Langner, Gerald Johnson, Ruth Olson, John McMullen, Mildred Hlavacek, Delores Teske, Elaine Berg, Loraine Langner. Who was the Teacher?
Source: Dorothy Averill, daughter of Walter Averill


1921-22 Alma Jakoubek, Teacher
Mary Duda recalled: "In 1921-22 Alma Jakoubek was my teacher. The kids in my class at that time were....Jacob Orth, Margaret Averill, Florence Kolar, Althea Parker, Anna Marie Bliese, Laurence Kuchinskie, Mary Duda, Norman Kutchery, Russell Peterson, Wesley Grant, Muriel McCarty, Carlton Reese, Glenn Kenyon, Clarence McMullen, Julius Resar, Mary Knoblock, Oscar Malvich, John Resar, Helen Kolar, Kathryn Moore, Howard Leske, Francis Tuma.
Source: Mary's Niece, Cindy Tarcon Capra. Cindy is a Granddaughter of Anna Tarcon
******* We are hoping to find this Class Photo, please contact Toni Stevenson if you have this photo.


Popple Hill School
opened in the Fall of 1921

Miss Mary Markey of Kennan was the first Teacher

Ida Tomacek had two terms.

Mary Mae Miller

Mary Denk

J. Potter

Ethel Neu, Teacher - between then 1941-1988 at taught at South Fork School (1-8, one room school,) Popple Hill School, (1-8 one room school,) and Phillips School (2nd Grade Teacher)

Fern Smith, Teacher

Irene Denk, Teacher 1948-1949

Herman Miller is quoted in the 1958 article "If Popple Hill School Could Speak"
“I could tell a lot of Popple Hill history. I was there the first day it opened, two months late. That was in the fall of 1921. The new school wasn’t quite ready in September nor in October ...”
“There’s a sample of my art work, in the wood shed. It’s still there. After the painters left I found some nearly empty cans of white paint. I took a stick, dipped it in the paint and drew the form of a human being. That has lasted-good as it ever was.”
... “you know, there was a school here before Popple Hill. Old Van Scoyoc held school in one room of his tar-paper shack. I don’t think I ever heard his first name. We called him Old Van. Guess he was a pretty good teacher, too. Pearl Salter was county superintendent then and Mrs. Ehle, supervising teacher. She is Glen’s mother.”

“Miss Mary Markey of Kennan as the first teacher. She had Popple Hill two terms. She was a good teacher. And talk about Christmas programs-she could sure put on some good ones. Ida Tomacek had two terms. Then, there was my sister, Mary Mae Miller - and Mary Denk and Ethel Neu … J. Potter, Irene Denk …”


below are Recent Photographs of Lugerville School

Click here to view photos of Lugerville School Reunions


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