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Harold "Harry" B. Kenyon, Sr.

1920s Aerial photo: House #53

1927 Mill Employees photo: Harry Sr #81; Harold Jr #55

1927 ~ LEFT: Harold "Harry" B. Kenyon, Sr. ~ RIGHT: Harold B. Kenyon, Jr.

1920 Census:
Harold (Harry) B. Sr. age 37 - Head of Household
Anna S. age 34
Harold B. Jr age 13
Claire R. age 11
Beatrice L. age 10
Glen R. age 7
Clyde R. age 5
Eileen age 1

1920 Employment:
Harold, Sr was an Engineer on the Railroad
Harold, Jr - possibly worked on the Railroad

1930 Census:
Harold "Harry" B. Sr. age 47
Anna S. age 45
Harold B. Jr no longer in the house
Claire R. no longer in the house
Beatrice L. age 20
Glen R. age 17
Clyde R. age 15
Eileen age 12 - Eileen married Andy Baratka
Elsworth age 7

All born in Wisconsin

1930 Employment:
Harold, 'Harry' Sr, Engineer on the Railroad
Beatrice, Teacher, Public School

NOTE: most of Eileen Kenyon's photos were lost when their home burned.

1930 ~ L-R: Maryann Nelson, Dorothy Averill, Eileen Kenyon

Below: Harry Kenyon, Sr on the left, and Frank Smetak in front of Harry Kenyon's house

BELOW: L-R: Margaret Averill, Dorothy Averill, Marie Averill, Gordon Stevenson, Feffie Bodenburg,
Susan Anderson, and Eileen Kenyon
1961 Averill 50th Anniversary of Walter and Anna Averill, Merrill, WI



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