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Albert Bodenburg

Albert and Amelia are mentioned in the Helen Greene 1954 History of Lugerville publication

1920s Aerial photo: House #na

1927 Mill Employees photo: #na

1910 Census:
Albert age 51 - Head of Household. Born in Germany. Emmigrated in 1881
Amelia age 51, born in German. Emmigrated 1872 or 1889?
Roy A. age 19, all children were born in Ohio
Hazel age 17
Ralph age 14
Emma age 12

1910 Employment:
Albert was a Night Watchman in the Saw Mill
Roy A. was a Laborer in the Saw Mill

1920 Census:
Albert age 63
Amelia age 61
Roy no longer in household - see below
Hazel no longer in household
Ralph age 23
Emma no longer in household

1920 Employment: Albert was a Laborer; Ralph was a Laborer in the Saw Mill

1930 Census:
Albert age 74
Amelia age 71 - there seem to be discrepancies in Amelias Emmigration Date and Age

1930 Employment: Farmer

They lived out on County F

Roy A. Bodenburg

1920s Aerial photo: House #57 or #58

1927 Mill Employees photo: 112

Excerpt from pages 253 and 254 "Lumbermen on the Chippewa" by Malcolm Roshol
After 1914, Lowrie Lowe was mill superintendent and Herman J. Johnson was manager of the West Lumber Company. [We believe that the Manager was actually Herman W. Jahannes, not Herman J. Johnson]
In the 1920s Roy Bodenburg was head sawyer on the night shift.

1920 Census:
Roy A. age 29 - Head of Household
Irma M.Buege Bodenburg age 26. Irma was related to Fritz Buege
Elaine L. (Feffie) age 3
Albert K. (Abu) age 2
Roland F. age 1

1920 Employment: Setter, Saw Mill

1928 Albert "Abu", Elaine "Feffie", Roland Bodenburg ~ Elaine's Confirmation
Source: Dorothy Averill - Feffie, Marie & Dorothy Averill, and Eileen Kenyon were dear friends

1930 Census:
Roy A. age 39
Irma M.Buege Bodenburg age 36. Irma was related to Fritz Buege
Elaine L. (Feffie) age 13
Albert K. (Abu) age 12
Roland F. age 11

1930 Employment: Head Sawyer

Feffie Bodenburg and Marie Averill were close friends

Above: Christine, Elaine Bodenburg Anderson, Susan ~ Feffie & Santa

Above: September 5, 1990 at Eileen Kenyon Baratka's 50th Wedding Anniversary
Dorothy Averill & Feffie Bodenburg Anderson in attendance

Above: 1961 Averill 50th Anniversary of Walter and Anna Averill, Merrill, WI
L-R: Margaret Averill, Dorothy Averill, Marie Averill, Feffie Bodenburg, Eileen Kenyon
Children: Gordon Stevenson, and Susan Anderson




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