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The Lugerville Project is dedicated to the mill community, the families who lived, worked, played, attended school together between 1914 and 1936, and to their descendants with family histories tied to this era of Lugerville history.
Town of Flambeau, Price County, Wisconsin.

From 1914 through 1919, when the West Lumber Company mill was at its peak production, the Lugerville population had swelled to 450 residents with the mill company owning more than 50 homes. The mill continued operating until 1933, the year the last log was sawn at Lugerville. By 1936, the mill and all its many buildings had been dismantled and the rail lines removed.

The motivation for creating and maintaining the project is simply a passion and love for history, and preserving family histories for future generations.

This site is a work in progress. Please view our pages, photos, stories & memories, as we add information.
We invite the families and descendants of the early Lugerville families to contribute and participate in this website.

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