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Matthew Tuma

1920s Aerial photo: only Lewis/Louis (sp) is listed in House #23

1927 Mill Employees photo: none of family are shown in photo

1920 Census:
Matthew age 55
Rose age 48
Stephen age 14
Leo age 13
Francis age 9
Lewis or Louis age 6
Anna age 3

1920 Employment: Laborer at Saw Mill

NOTE: It appears that the Matthew Tuma family left Lugerville in the 1920s, however, Lewis would have been age 13 in 1927, and is listed in the home of the School Principal, Mr. Kenneth G. Shelp.
Question: did the parents move away, leaving Lewis behind to finsih his education?

1930 Census: na

John Tuma
son of Matthew?

1920s Aerial photo: na

1927 Mill Employees photo: na

1920 Census:

1930 Census:
John age 36, born Czechoslovakia
Grace age 26, born in West Virginia
Wilma age 8, all children born in Wisconsin
William age 6
Mary age 4
John age 2
Josephine age 2

They lived on County F

John Tuma is in the 1954 History.

1930 Employment: Section Laborer, Railroad

2014 Lugerville School Picnic
Sitting L-R: Josephine "Jo" Tuma Teeters (Mrs. Clayton Teeters) and Florence Teeters (Mrs. Lyle Teeters)
Standing L-R: Wayne Teeters and Bill Teeters



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