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Tarcon Farm

The Tarcon Farm is shown on the Aerial Photo

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Anna's Children a family history by Cindy Tarcon Capra

John Tarcon
Wife, Anna
Children from Anna's prior marriage: Joe Duda, Mary Duda, Johnny Duda, Steve Duda
Children, Michael, Anna Mae
Also in the household, Steve Tarcon, a cousin

Joe Duda, 1927 Mill Employees photo

Anna's son, Mike Tarcon, married Geraldine Wheeler, daughter of Dewey Wheeler

Geraldine Wheeler as a child. Later married Mike Tarcon

From Cindy Tarcon Capra:
my Aunt Mary Duda was Joe Duda's younger sister. Years ago I was taking genealogy classes and one of them was on writing your family history. I chose to write about my grandmother's descendants. One of the assignments was to interview a relative. Aunt Mary was a wealth of information. This is from a piece of paper she had: (Her writing is shaky, but I'll do my best)
"In 1921-22 Alma Jakoubek was my teacher. The kids in my class at that time were....Jacob Orth, Margaret Averill, Florence Kolar, Althea Parker, Anna Marie Bliese, Laurence Kuchinskie, Mary Duda, Norman Kutchery, Russell Peterson, Wesley Grant, Muriel McCarty, Carlton Reese, Glenn Kenyon, Clarence McMullen, Julius Resar, Mary Knoblock, Oscar Malvich, John Resar, Helen Kolar, Kathryn Moore, Howard Leske, Francis Tuma."


Cindy Tarcon Capra remembers ...

     The smell of Pine-Sol brings me instantly back to my days as a child living in Lugerville. That powerful smell memory is linked to the cleaning of the family outhouse. This wasn't just ANY outhouse, it was a very unique outhouse with historic significance.
     When the mill was dismantled the Tarcon family, somehow, ended up with the steam heated outhouse. It had been attached to the cook shanty by steam pipes, intending to give some measure of warmth to the current occupant. Double wall construction made this warmth possible. The inner wall had good-sized holes all over, allowing the heat to enter the inner chamber. Once relocated to our farm it lost its warming capability but still had the pipes protruding from its side.
     Squirrels found their way into this unusual, but totally functional building and stored pine cones between the walls. There was always a dusting of pine cone parts covering everything. We simply brushed them off and carried on with business. Summertime, those hot humid days, was the time for the annual cleaning. That was my job. The smell of Pine-Sol still takes me back. ~ Cindy Tarcon Capra


Sources: Cindy Tarcon Capra and David Tarcon - grandchildren of Anna Tarcon

1973 ~ Geraldine Wheeler Tarcon, 3rd from the right



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