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Source: George Peterson, grandson of Rudolph Kolar; son of Florence

Rudolph Kolar

not identified in the 1927 Mill photo,
not listed on the Aerial photo housing list



From Cindy Tarcon Capra:
my Aunt Mary Duda was Joe Duda's younger sister. Years ago I was taking genealogy classes and one of them was on writing your family history. I chose to write about my grandmother's descendants. One of the assignments was to interview a relative. Aunt Mary was a wealth of information. This is from a piece of paper she had: (Her writing is shaky, but I'll do my best)
"In 1921-22 Alma Jakoubek was my teacher. The kids in my class at that time were....Jacob Orth, Margaret Averill, Florence Kolar, Althea Parker, Anna Marie Bliese, Laurence Kuchinskie, Mary Duda, Norman Kutchery, Russell Peterson, Wesley Grant, Muriel McCarty, Carlton Reese, Glenn Kenyon, Clarence McMullen, Julius Resar, Mary Knoblock, Oscar Malvich, John Resar, Helen Kolar, Kathryn Moore, Howard Leske, Francis Tuma."

no other info found yet



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