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Mr. and Mrs. Albin (Alben?) Geisness

Mentioned in the 1954 "History of Lugerville" by HelenMary S. Greene (spelled Geissness)

Mentioned in the 1958 Article (spelled Guiness)

" ... The farthest place north belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Alben Guisness (SP). Helen was busy righting her house after the confusion of hunting and Thanksgiving. She felt so grateful that their children and families could get home for special days. Every day must have been “special” when the Guisness children were all at home and going to Popple Hill." - recalls Mary Knoblock

“I remember how BIG I though the school was when we moved here 20 years ago,” said Mrs. Guisness. “Forty students were enrolled. Gwendolyn was our oldest, first of seven who went to Popple Hill. I would walk with her to the road, then watch as long as I could see her. I was afraid of the woods and afraid of the animals that might be in them. What a long way it seemed for a little girl to walk to school. In the evening, I would stand in the road and wait for her.”
“Teachers these days seem to think they have quite a task when they have to teach a class of 20 or 30 children. We had such fine teachers. They taught all grades, every subject. We think our children were very fortunate.”
“The Christmas program at Popple Hill always seemed to fall on the coldest night. Usually, Dad and I took turns going, for there were the small children who couldn’t go. Someone had to stay with them. We usually walked-Grandma walked right along with us. The children used to laugh at us when we complained of the cold. They were used to it. We’d usually stop at Berenschots, going and coming, to get warm. There were always new dresses for Christmas. I used to make them for our girls and for the Spiller girls. Once, while Irene Denk was teaching, Patsy played ‘Mary, the mother of Jesus.’ I thought she did very well. Then, one Christmas Ethel Knoblock taught Patsy a Christmas song where he had to hold her arms full of dolls. That was sweet.”



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