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Theodor "Ted" Baumgartner

#5 in the 1927 Mill Employees Photo

1927 ~ Ted Baumgartner, center

1920 Census
Theodore Baumgartner, age 48 - Head of Household; born c. 1872 in Austria; Emmigrated in c. 1903 from Vienna, Austria via Rotterdam, Holland through Quebec, Canada (source: Karen Peterson Baumgartner)
Josephine age 46
Augusta 13, born in Wisconsin
Wilhemina 12. The children listed below were also born in WI
Joseph 11
Mathilda "Millie" 7
Anna 6
Emma 5
Rudolph "Rudy" age 4
Selma "Sally" 2
August "Gust" age 1

1920 Employment: Ted was an Engineer in the Saw Mill

c.1920 Family Photo, Ted & Josephine with some of their children.
Source: Karen Peterson Baumgartner, Granddaughter-in-law of Ted Baumgartner

1930 Census
Josephine, age 55 - Widow - Head of Household - General Farming
Emma age 17
Rudolph 15
Selma 13
August "Gust" 11

History per Karen (Peterson) Baumgartner:

My late husband's grandfather was Theodor "Ted" Baumgartner who worked at West Lumber Co. mill.  He is #5 in the 1927 Mill Employees Photo - the one with the mustache and suspenders.

Ted was a steam  and electrical engineer, a trade he learned in Europe. The family says his title was Chief Engineer at the West Lumber Co. Family oral history says he was well paid at $200.00 in the 1920s. I have no idea how often they were paid - weekly, biweekly or monthly. I'm assuming it is monthly.

He didn't actually live in Lugerville full time. His mother, Mrs. Emily/Amelia (2nd husband Jon or Jan Pazout) lived in Lugerville where he stayed during the week. He owned a car.
Ted Baumgartner (father of 14 children) lived just west of Phillips on a farm, but he didn't farm much, the family did. I found some of this on U.S. Census.

Theodor (1871 - 1930)  wife Josephine and his family (3 children) came to America from Vienna, Austria via Rotterdam, Holland through Quebec, Canada.  It is unclear to descendants why he came to Price County. He petitioned for citizenship in Price county in 1903 while living in the City of Phillips, just after he came to USA.

A sidenote from Karen Peterson Baumgartner:
"my Peterson family (grandfather Ole A., father Orville and uncle Wiley) bought some of the machinery from the West Lumber Company when they began running the former Kneeland-McLurg mill in Phillips in the 1930s. I remember my Dad telling me that they bought the planer from West Lbr. Co.
The 'big mill' of Kneeland-McLurg had been pretty well sold off when Ole bought what was the box factory and flooring mill with steam power generator, boilers, dry kilns etc. It was considered a small mill, but it was a major employer in Phillips from the 1930s into the early 1960s."


Benedikt "Ben" Baumgartner - no relation to Ted

1920s Aerial photo: House #na

1927 Mill Employees photo: na

1910 Census.
Benedikt age 41 - Head of Household. Emmigrated from Germany in 1905
Emelie age 37, born 1873 in German;py
"Katie" Katherine J. age 11, born in WI
The family lived in Somo, Lincoln, County

1910 Employment: Laborer, Planing Mill

1920 Census:
Ben age 49 - Head of Household. Widower
Katherine J. is no longer in the home. She married Ed Beaudry.
Marie M. age 13, all children were born in WI
Frank V. age 10
Josephine A. age 7
Edward B. age 1

1920 Employment: Grader, Lumber Yard

1930 Census: Lived in Brule, WI

1930 Employment:



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